The Civic Exploration Partnership

We are an ongoing project of several organizations in New York City interested in investigating the intersection of civic use of public transportation and demographics such as gender, age and race. We aim to collect this data—available in disparate data sets currently—to shine a light on ideas such as:

  • The availability of bicycling as alternative energy policy across gender, race and age
  • The effect of policing on bicycling as alternative energy policy
  • The effect of available other transportation – such as public transit or taxis on bicycling policy


We looked at ride sharing data across three different axes: by gender, rider age (showing year born), and ride duration by age.

What were your expectations for the Citibike data? What jumped out at you? Let us know at!

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Download the full CSV set from here

Note: Of course you'll notice that some of the data below is outside the standard deviation (eg ages > 100). We left the data in there as an exploration of the ways in which people use public transit, which does not always correspond neatly with public poliy analyses.

Average trip count by self-reported gender

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Average trip count by age

Average duration (minutes) distributed by age